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(17-09-12) Fackelzug on Sep 20, 19:00 at St. Johanner Markt

(03-09-12) VLDB big data-tutorial slides are available.

(03-09-12) Artikel über Science Slams in Forschung&Lehre erschienen pdf zwm.

(30-08-12) HAIL slides are available

(24-08-12) Alekh graduates. Congratulations Dr. Jindal!

(23-07-12) Wir bieten im September einen Science Slam Workshop an (Für Hörer aller Fachbereiche).

(30-06-12) 1st place, 5th Stuttgart Science Slam (JD)

(11-06-12) 1st place, IdeenExpo Science Slam, Hannover (JD); qualification for finals at IdeenExpo 2013 (video, in German with English subtitles, check "cc" button; pictures; fb)

(01-06-12) 2nd place, Saarbrücken Science Slam (JD) (press: SR TV, starting at 16:48; SBZ)

(31-05-12) 2nd place, Köln Science Slam (JD)

(28-05-12) 1st place, Berlin Science Slam (JD)

(16-05-12) Tutorial accepted at VLDB 2012: Efficient Big Data Processing in Hadoop MapReduce description

(16-05-12) 2nd place, Ulm Science Slam (JD)

(11-05-12) 1st place, Trier Science Slam (JD)

(23-04-12) Full paper accepted at PVLDB vol.5/VLDB 2012: Only Aggressive Elephants are Fast Elephants.

We propose a new Hadoop MapReduce system HAIL (Hadoop Aggressive Indexing Library). At query HAIL outperforms Hadoop MapReduce by up to a factor 70; at upload time HAIL is only 60% slower, often even faster than Hadoop MapReduce. In both cases HAIL is by a large factor faster than Hadoop++. paper

(18-10-11) Busy Beaver Award for best advanced lecture in computer science: Database Systems.

(17-10-11) BMBF VIP Grant for OctopusDB covering 1.1 million Euros; Press release: German English.

(29-09-11) Information on advanced information systems LAB available.

(29-09-11) Registration information for block seminar available.

(20-09-11) We are offering several Ph.D. and postdoc positions.

(21-07-11) We will be offering a summer break lab/research internship on MapReduce. Starts August 1!.

(18-07-11) Full paper accepted at the VLDB BIRTE 2011 Workshop on Business Intelligence for the Real Time Enterprise: Relax and Let the Database do the Partitioning Online.

(12-07-11) Full paper accepted at the ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing ACM SOCC 2011: Trojan Data Layouts: Right Shoes for a Running Elephant.

(10-06-11) Upcoming talk of Jens Dittrich at the ACM SIGMOD 2011 conference, New Researcher Symposium, Panel on "Developing and realizing your big idea", Tuesday, June 14, 6pm

(02-05-11) New publication on Paper Bricks: An Alternative to Complete-Story Peer Reviewing appearing at SIGMOD Record (Vol. 39, No. 4, 2010).

(18-02-11) A TR on PaperBricks: An Alternative to Complete-Story Peer Reviewing is now available online. This is a refined proposal of my CIDR Gong Show presentation The Bowyers. See also here.

(15-02-11) Demo paper accepted at SIGMOD 2011. RAFT at Work: Speeding-Up MapReduce Applications under Task and Node Failures

(12-01-11) Best Outrageous Ideas and Vision Paper Award at CIDR 2011 for Towards a One Size Fits All Database Architecture (CCC Blog)

(12-01-11) Best Presentation Award at the CIDR 2011 Gong Show for The Bowyers

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