Scientific Assistant

Software Development and Testing

The application deadline is over and we are currently not looking for scientific assistants.

Job Description

We, Immanuel and Marcel, are Ph.D. students of Prof. Dittrich and we recently started a new research project. Our goal is to develop a modular database system that allows for fast prototyping of research ideas. The design should enable abstraction such that high-level ideas and algorithms can easily be implemented into the system. At the same time, we leverage modern concepts of software design to achieve high performance. We do not want to trade off between abstraction and performance, instead we work towards the best of both worlds. You can find further information about the project here.

We are currently looking for a scientific assistant (HiWi) to support us in software development and testing. You will mainly be working directly on our steadily growing code base and we will frequently discuss your progress in a peer-review process. This is an opportunity for you to get valuable feedback on your work and improve your software development skills.

Your tasks:

Currently, we have high demand in achieving a broader test coverage. Therefore, in the beginning, we ask you to extend our test suite and improve our test framework. The focus of your work will change over time as we progress with the development. Your initial tasks consist of:

  • Testing: extend our test suite currently written in Catch2 and improve our test framework written in Python,
  • Continuous integration: set up and maintain continuous integration on a testing server for our GitLab repository,
  • Research & Development: integrate existing algorithms and data structures and implement novel approaches.


Working on our project requires fundamental knowledge about relational database systems and profound programming experience. Therefore, you should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Programming experience: Programmierung 2 undergrad lecture or comparable,
  • Knowledgeable in database systems: Informationssysteme undergrad lecture or comparable,
  • Language: fluent in English or German,
  • Soft skills: good communication skills and structured work style.
This job provides you with opportunities to get first hands-on experience with a larger software project, learn modern C++17, and strengthen your ability to work in a team.

Your work on this project may also serve as inspiration for finding a topic for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis at our group.


To get started, we offer you a position for eight hours per week (8 SWS). Increasing the amount of hours per week is possible once you are familiar with the project. Your salary will be determind according to the univeristy standards for scientific assitance. Refer to this document for further information.


If you are interested in the position, contact Immanuel Haffner by mail or drop by his office in building E1 1, room 3.16. The application deadline is November 24, 2019.